Golden Kitchen, 3M

CouCou Hot Pot, Teabreak

CouCou is a new brand under the group Cha Bu Cha Bu. It has innovations in both the mode and category of hot pot: hot pot, tea breaks, eating hot pot with a tea break mood, and simply drinking tea. ITC flagship store is designed by EIS to create a customized, arc-shaped, stainless steel bar counter, combined with high-tech robotic arms, successfully integrating technological elements into the restaurant. We aim to collaborate with catering customers to launch more unique and distinctive projects with our brand characteristics.


Gordon’s Kitchen, a well-deserved, famous restaurant in magical Shanghai, is a popular destination with a reputation to uphold. We partnered with GK Kitchen to develop a special, stainless steel, arc-shaped bar counter, which has become a store responsibility. We fully meet the different needs of customers and achieve the perfect effect for your unique ideas.

3M Canteen

EIS has conducted overall planning for 3M's employee cafeteria located in Pudong Logistics Park and provided professional kitchen equipment and optimized their overall kitchen system.