Our goal at EIS is to be a whole-solution supplier. We have over 25 years of customization experience serving hundreds of hotels and restaurants globally. We are a single source for services, from design layout, interior decoration, and product customization to production and installation, know you can trust EIS.
Coffee and tea restaurants serve different purposes, but we provide comprehensive solutions to dining, bar, and kitchen areas to exceed customer expectations.
Our professional team is efficient and reasonable in overseeing your budget, and they provide clients with the right information to assist in making business decisions.
Our global, qualified manufacturing and efficient procurement team has successful cases worldwide, and our focus is to achieve your quality demand.
Our professional engineers understand the characteristics of food and beverage stores, and with decades of practical experience, we give customers overall solutions to improve operational efficiency.
We manage a whole solution of your commercial kitchen’s installation and adjustment from customisation and manufacturing, by providing professional team service, EIS satisfies all your requirements of commercial kitchen.